3D All-Rounded Sleep Pillow


3D All-Rounded Sleep Pillow

The 3D All-Rounded Sleep Pillow is a bed pillow innovation with which you can enjoy a great sleep!

3D All-Rounded Sleep Pillow,Sleep Pillow,3D All

Soft 3D Design reduces the pressure on the head and stabilizes the sleeping posture. The cervical contour supports the natural curve of the neck and provides plush comfort throughout the night.

Two different heights, perfect for different sleeping postures such as sleeping on your back, side, helps to enjoy a better night’s sleep.

3D All-Rounded Sleep Pillow,Sleep Pillow,3D All


New Creative Micro Air Ball Pillow: Quite unique than any ordinary pillow on the market. This 3D All-Rounded Sleep Pillow is filled with millions of micro air balls that allow the pillow to adjust itself to your head and neck in any sleeping position. The 3D All-Rounded Sleep Pillow will return to its original shape when not in use and will be preserved even after several years.

3D Ergonomic Design: The highly desired Addiction Pillow has the ability to almost partially eliminate stress and tension in these areas. Thanks to its 3D-curve design, it is able to absorb small movements during our sleep and continues to support our head and correct body alignment. You will also feel comfortable while watching TV on the sofa.

3D All-Rounded Sleep Pillow,Sleep Pillow,3D All

Soft yet Firm and Breathable: This neck pillow has been made after numerous tests to achieve the perfect balance between support and softness. And it keeps your head dry while you sleep and makes you feel fresh when you wake up. Helps improve insomnia and improve sleep quality with a good sleep posture, it is designed to maximize your sleep satisfaction.

Machine and Hand Washable: When we use our pillow for a long time without cleaning it, our skin will be damaged. Our pillow is both machine and hand washable, suitable for the user to sleep in clean conditions, and effectively prevent moisture production and others that cause various skin diseases.

Safe Pillow: This pillow does not contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde, methane chloride or PBDE and provides healthy protection. All materials are chemical free for better health. Polyester and Polyurethane materials differ in softness and comfort (not like a pillow or memory foam) and also make the product light and flexible.

3D All-Rounded Sleep Pillow,Sleep Pillow,3D All


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