Bonsai Branch Bender

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Get the style that you want for your bonsai by training them with a tool that bends and repositions branches and trunks in any direction.

All you need to do is hang this tool’s 2 hooks into your bonsai branch and screw the ring seat to tighten and secure it.



  • Bonsai Bending

With the two outside legs ‘gripping’ the branch, the middle leg slowly lengthens (by being turned on a screw-thread) bending the branch.

  • Easy Bending

Designed to be easily manipulated into different shapes for the perfect Bonsai Bending.

  • Premium Materials

Made of heavy-duty plated metal, can withstand corrosion and extreme weather conditions.

  • Wide Applications

This bender can handle almost anything! From little plants to thick trunks, this tool is for you.

  • Entire Bender

This tool includes everything you need to bend your bonsai, no additional nails or tools required.


Size: 114 * 87 * 98MM

Weight: 300G


1x Bonsai Branch Bender

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