Farmania Dairy Misting System



DIY Misting System For Your Dairy Farm!

This Farmania™ Dairy Misting System can help cool down your livestock barn area. Ingenious technology and quite sustainable to turn water into cool clouds of moist air.

Easy Plug-in Type Nozzle Heads

Easy to Use Plug-in type nozzle heads that are made up of ABS premium material.

UV resistant so you can leave it in your garden exposed to sunlight but will not wear out!

Adjustable Nozzles

Rotate the nozzle heads to adjust the spray. Perfect for Misting, Sprinkling, and Spraying!

Ergonomic Water Saving System

Save up to 70% water consumption compared to manual watering of your garden.

Saves Time and Energy

Hydrate your cattle and livestock without the manual labor. Easy to clean and refill.

The easiest way to supply water and keep livestock cool in hot weather by installing our high-pressure Farmania™ Dairy Misting SystemCreate a humid environment for your livestock, install NOW.


Material/s: UV-resistant PVC & ABS

Working Pressure: 2.5 kPa or more

Sizes Available: 5m / 10m

Package Inclusions: 1 set HydroPRO DIY Garden Irrigation System includes…

  • 1 x tube
  • 10 x nozzles
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