Invisible Cleavage Up Bra Tape



🔥 Go braless, backless and strapless! 🔥

Move freely in confidence without hassle or worries with this Invisible Cleavage Up Bra Tape. Stand out with your outfit by simply sticking it on that could hold you up all day long.

This Bra Tape stays completely invisible as an undergarment, making it ideal for low-cut, backless, strapless outfits and so much more. It pushes up breasts for a perkier look with a front closure option, (concentrating your buddies together), creating deeper cleavage for You.

Made from medical grade silicone, 100% safe and matches all skin types. It is self-adhesive, washable, durable and very easy to use. It matches all outfits and its reusability makes it even more worth it to buy.


  • Waterproof, Sweat resistant

    Comfortable to use more than 24 hours without worries

  • Instant Lift with Newest Buckle

    With the newest buckle design, an instant natural lifting effect on breasts.

  • Reusable unlimitedly

    Simply rinse by water and wait til dry to reuse them.

  • Optional front closure buckle
    Comes with 3 sizes buckle which fit on different sizes cup!

  • Skin-friendly

    100% safe and proven that does not cause any allergy

  • Invisibly lifts up breasts for deeper cleavage

    Gives a perkier look with any outfits

Invisible Cleavage Up Bra Tape


  • Material: Medical Grade Silicone

  • Size: S / M / L / XL

  • Buckle Lengths: 4.2 cm, 3.6 cm, 3.1 cm


  • Basic

    1 Pair x Invisible Cleavage Up Bra Tape    or

  • Premium

    3 x Front Closure Buckles and

    1 Pair x Invisible Cleavage Up Bra Tape

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