Magic Walking & Singing Unicorn


Singing Unicorn
Magic Walking & Singing Unicorn

In the world of unicorn toys, this Magic Walking and Singing Unicorn is one of our favourites!

Singing Unicorn

He loves going for walks so much that he sings a piece of music when you take him outside. It’s like having your own Unicorn Pet! Our interactive unicorn walks alongside you with the simple push of a button on the handle of its leash. A walking unicorn with a leash is a unicorn worth playing with!

Singing Unicorn


  • Not only is it soft and fluffy, it can also sing and walk! Your kids will LOVE this cute and adorable little walking unicorn (okay technically, it’s an alicorn but most people can’t speed fancy horses, lol – Can you say I watched a little pony show with my own daughter 🙂 A few years ago you used to love one of these and your kids would love them too I am sure you will love it!


  • Elevate your child’s playtime with this Electronic Walking and Singing Unicorn Plush Toy. Grab the heart-shaped handle on the end of the collar and press the power button located there. Pressing the button will prompt the unicorn to walk, move its head, wag its tail and sing. Sings two songs that will excite and delight your child.

Singing Unicorn

The Magic Walking and Singing Unicorn is available in THREE beautiful colors; White, Blue and Pink.

  • You are sure to find the perfect color for your baby. But why pick just one color when you can get all three and create your own magical unicorn family!

ENCOURAGE your child’s imagination.

  • This awesome Unicorn Plush Toy will make your child imagine rainbows, cotton candy clouds and everything magical as they create their own magical world!

Singing Unicorn


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