Pet Travel Car Window Mesh

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Does your dog like to stick its head out the window while you drive, flapping its ears and sticking out its tongue? Even if your dog enjoys the wind on his face, this can be very dangerous.

Car Window Mesh,Window Mesh

Insects, rocks, and other debris can fly into your dog’s eyes or mouth. If you drive too close to another vehicle or object, you may get hit in the head. If it’s clear enough, your dog could fall or jump out the window. Just like dogs, some cats enjoy a ride and a cool breeze blowing in their face, but they’re probably more apt to jump out of a car window than a dog. When parked (in cool weather), strangers can get their hands or other objects into your car through an open window and possibly injure your dog. Of course, we don’t want any of this to happen, and luckily, all of these scary scenarios are avoidable!

Car Window Mesh,Window Mesh

This durable, polypropylene, mesh, window guard/ventilation blocks all these frightening possibilities. Pet Travel Car Window Mesh telescopes to fit the width of your car window and fits snugly and securely. Just position it and slowly lift the glass until the guard sits on top of the glass and jams into the door frame where the window sits when closed. The protection expands to fit most car windows, even curved windows. Your pet gets the advantage of cold weather with no risk. When not in use, fold the guard and store it under the seat or in the trunk.

Car Window Mesh,Window Mesh


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Car Window Mesh,Window Mesh
Pet Travel Car Window Mesh
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