Two Finger Drawing Tablet Glove


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Two Finger Drawing Tablet Glove
Two Finger Drawing Tablet Glove

Imagine this: You draw an interesting sketch on your tablet for your architectural/fashion design assignment, but you have to wipe the sweat off your hands with a microfiber cloth from time to time. Or is it the clothes you use?

Two Finger Drawing Tablet Glove

Either way, it’s very frustrating and distracting. We have a solution for you – the Two Finger Drawing Tablet Glove. It not only saves you the trouble of wiping sweat, but also prevents smudges from forming on the tablet’s screen. Minimal design does one thing and does it really well. Become a digital artist now in all its glory.

Two Finger Drawing Tablet Glove

What you will get:

  • Flexible and snug-fitting material: The Two Finger Drawing Tablet Glove is made of Lycra, which provides many advantages. It has good stretchability properties and provides freedom of movement. It’s also wrinkle resistant, holds its shape, and provides a better fit than common fabrics.
  • Reduced friction between palm and hand: A Two Finger Drawing Tablet Glove that covers only the fingers you won’t be using to hold the pen. Wearing it does not hinder your hand movement at all.
  • Prevents smudging and sweating: This palm rejection glove is for all designers who are tired of sweating during the drawing process. You no longer need to dry the sweat with a cloth or shirt. Oils from the skin stain the screen; this glove prevents that from happening.
  • Touchscreen control is unaffected: Three fingers are exposed, which means you can easily use all the touch-sensitive controls available on the tablet.

Two Finger Drawing Tablet Glove


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