Ultimate Punching Drill Bits Set (5pcs)

$49.90 $20.90

The smoothest drilling in all your projects!


Deliver an automatic, high-impact, spring-loaded strike on any materials: concrete, brick, glass, metal and so on!

Ideal for general workshop or maintenance use where high precision and productivity are required.


High Quality

6542 HSS Carbide with a reinforced head to provide great wear resistance and long durability.

Smooth Drilling

Each bit is equipped with a split-point tip that helps to increase speed and starts on contact. 

Wide Applications

Effectively and accurately drill on all materials: glass, tile, concrete, brick, plastic and so on!

Unique Design

Unique U type slot design provides an efficient drilling action and reduced walking for greater accuracy.


Material: Hard Alloy

Tool Holder Type: Triangle Handle

Cooling Type: Outer Cold

Blade Top Corner: 135°

Category: Hole expansion drill

Optional Style: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Weight: Approx. 180g 

Blade Diameter: 6-12mm


1 set – 6 & 6 & 8 & 10 & 12 mm Drills

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