Xtrafitz Workout Tights



Tummy Control + Butt Lifting in 1 legging!

Xtrafitz™ Workout Tights is the best choice for every kind of run. It provides a constant fat burning effect with the best compression to keep you s-shaped all day long without worrying about excessive stretching and comfort

This running tight makes it even better with the infusion of 2020 newly invented technology, the FitzMax™ Circulating lining emits Far Infrared Rays for retaining constant fat burning. It also keeps your legs warm without compromising its breathability

Proven quality materials, this cozy fat-burning tights is made from our signature high-stretch, soft compression fabric that offers a slimming silhouette and a second skin feel, it also targets to combat unwanted dimpling and tighten loose skin, as well as slimming up thighs, butt and calves for an ergonomic fit.


  • Constantly Burn Fats – Burn fats and calories all day long even without doing intense workout

Xtrafitz™ Workout Tights

  • Ultimate Body Shaper – Slimming up thighs, butt and calves for a better looking s-curve without squeezing

Xtrafitz™ Workout Tights

  • Ultra Compression – Provides Optimum Pressure Distribution on different parts of the leg to achieve significant hip lifting & leg shaping effect

Xtrafitz™ Workout Tights

  • High Rise Non-Slip High Waistband – Keeps everything in place and offers optimum support especially when doing high-intensity exercises.

  • Super Elasticity & Comfort – Stretches to give you a perfect snug fit and grants you full movement with no restriction even when exercising

  • Fashionable & Functional – Perfect as an everyday outfit and all sports activities, Can be a casual wear, street fashion or just to sweat for the day.

  • One Size Fits All – Free size. Virtually suits all body sizes and leg shapes

  • Comfy and Quality Material – Scratchy and soft fabric with fleece lining that help to warm up and maintain body temperature.


  • Material: 60% wool, 30% Velvet, 10% Spandex

  • Color: Black, Skin, Coffee, Grey, Purple, Dark Green, Wine Red, Navy Blue

  • Style: Step On Foot, Cropped, Pantyhouse

  • Waist Width: 52 – 96 cm

  • Waist Relaxed: 96 cm

  • Hip Width: 85 cm – 110 cm

  • Hip Relaxed: 110 cm

  • Size : Free Size


  • Xtrafitz™ Workout Tights * 1/3

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