Are Azurian, Isabella Husky & White Husky the Same? The Information You Won’t Find Anywhere

Azurian Husky

“Dogs aren’t our whole life, but they integrate our lives.” -Roger Caras

And the pure white husky is definitely one of a kind!

You may know this beautiful white-fur, blue-eyed dog as Isabella husky or Azurian husky.

But are they really the same? We’ve discussed that below!

Famous for their magnificent coat, high endurance and strength, huskies are a must-have pet for any dog lover.

Moreover, Azurian, Isabella and White are playful husky dogs and affectionate towards children.

If you want to find everything about this exceptional breed in one place, this guide can be your ultimate resource. (Azurian Husky)

1. Are White husky, Isabella husky, Albino husky, and Azurian husky the Same dogs?

Do you confuse these husky dogs with being single?

Well, if we have to say, these are all white husky type dogs, but with a few differences. (Azurian Husky)

Let’s know about each of them:

White Husky

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It is a description of a breed of dog, or you can say a common name that usually refers to the Siberian husky breed. (Azurian Husky)

Isabella Husky

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White Siberian huskies are often confused with the Isabella husky. However, there is a slight difference between the two.

Husky dogs with a light brown or yellowish tint to their coats are known as Isabella husky. (Azurian Husky)

Albino Husky

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Albino husky is a white husky puppy created when two white husky (with the recessive gene) come together. (Azurian Husky)

Azurian Husky

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Finally, another rare husky, Azurian husky is also misunderstood as closely related to pure white husky.

But there isn’t much to say about these dogs except that they are found in Alaska or Russia and have a charming blue-gray pigmented coat.

Honestly, no one even knows if Azurian huskies are real!

People have different ideas about their existence, but we believe this rarest white Azurian husky has yet to be discovered. (Azurian Husky)

Therefore, they all belong to the husky breed, but there are minor differences.

White Husky Mix-Breeds

Not only is the beautiful white husky a stunning breed, so are his combinations.

These white husky mix dogs may have a different appearance, but each hybrid offers a unique personality with similar husky traits. (Azurian Husky)

Here are some of our favorite mixed breeds:

  • Alusky: Siberian Husky x Alaskan Malamute
  • Gerberian Shepsky: Siberian Husky x German Shepherd
  • Huskita: Siberian Husky x Akita
  • Bassky: Siberian Husky x Basset Hound
  • Siberpoo: Siberian Husky x Poodle
  • Samusky: Siberian Husky x Samoyed
  • Chusky: Siberian Husky x Chow Chow

2. Appearance of White Huskies (Isabella, Siberian, Azurian)

Azurian Husky
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Their thick white coats, piercing blue eyes, long fox-like tails, and pointed and triangular ears amaze these dogs.

Siberian husky dogs look so graceful that you might think they are not strong.

However, a well-proportioned body, great strength and high endurance are their popular qualities. (Azurian Husky)

Eye Color

Azurian Husky
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Almost all Siberian huskies are born with blue eye color, which can change 5-8 weeks after birth.

Isabella white husky can have blue eyes or brown eyes, and the general white husky can have amber, bi-colored eyes (1 blue eye and 1 brown eye), or partial eyes (part of the eye has a brown or blue feature).

Finally, Azurian huskies are husky-type dogs with charming blue eyes, brown eyes, split eyes, or bi-colored eyes. You never know!

Discovered or not, they are still part of the husky breed.

A rare gene controls the eye color of these white Siberian dogs. (Azurian Husky)

Interesting fact about the Siberian Husky

Almost 40% of pure white huskies have blue eyes, 15% have bicolor eyes, and 5% have slit or half-colored eyes.


The average height of the white husky is between 20 – 24 inches (51cm-61cm).

Whereas the charming Isabella husky dogs are 21 – 23.5 inches (54cm-60cm) tall for male dogs and 20 – 22 inches (51cm-56cm) for female huskies.

You might have a pure white husky or a husky type dog that looks as tall as the Isabella husky and you thought it was a white Siberian dog but with a light blue-gray coat.

Or luckily, it’s an Azurian husky! (Azurian Husky)

Size and Weight

Azurian Husky

There is a standard and miniature size of a pure, all-white husky dog. The first is a medium-sized husky that weighs 35 to 60 pounds, and the second weighs about 18 to 25 pounds.

Weight for a white male husky is about 45 to 60 pounds. However, a white female husky is usually ten pounds underweight and weighs in between 35 and 50 pounds.

Size and weight for Isabella and Azurian huskies are comparable to white huskies as they are similar dogs with slight variations in coat color. (Azurian Husky)

Husky Coat Types and Color Combinations

The plush coat is standard for these white Siberian and Isabella dogs (sometimes Azurian husky), but they can also have poor quality wool or short fur.

The woolly type fur has long hairs and gives dogs a thick undercoat which hides their good looks. (Azurian Husky)

Pure white is the rarest color of the husky breeds, but they can have other fur colors as well, such as:

  • Black & White
  • Red & White (Chocolate Copper, Red Copper, Orange Copper)
  • Sable (Black-nosed Reds)
  • Fawn, Yellow or Beige & White (Isabella Husky)
  • Grey & White
  • Blue & Grey (Azurian Husky)
  • Agouti & White coats Agouti Siberians

White coat is caused by a recessive gene.

3. Personality Traits of White Husky

Azurian Husky

These unique features make a white Siberian or Azurian husky even more adorable:

Excellent Runners:

Husky dogs have a story to prove they are great runners. Yes, we are talking about the famous history of Togo and Balto.

They can run for long periods without food and water, so they don’t get tired quickly. (Azurian Husky)


Huskies love dogs that used to live in packs, so they try to interact with more people.

They do not make good watchdogs and your affectionate dog is more likely to befriend a stranger. (Azurian Husky)


Pure white Siberian Husky is full of endless energy. This delightful breed is among the most active dog breeds in the world. (Azurian Husky)

Great Watchdogs:

Howling is a way of communication for these dogs, and a young puppy will start whining or making noises after 2-3 weeks (barking is rare).

Their watchful builds and massive howls can hint at the presence of an intruder, adding them to the list of good watchdogs. (Azurian Husky)


These dogs originate from Siberia, North Asia and are classified as cold climate dogs.

However, they can withstand both cold and hot temperatures (below 24°C or 75°F) as they are highly adaptable to any climate. (Azurian Husky)


They have a calm disposition and are in no way dangerous.

The white husky can sometimes become aggressive if left alone for longer periods of time or if not maintained an active lifestyle suited to their high energy. (Azurian Husky)

Do not be afraid

These wolf-like dogs may look wild, but trust us when we say they aren’t! They are sweet, friendly and loving.

4. Is Pure White Husky the Rarest Color of Siberian Husky?

Azurian Husky


Pure white is one of the rarest colors available in Siberian dogs, just as a black German shepherd is the rarest color in a shepherd.

The main reason for the Siberian husky’s white coat is pigment restriction due to the recessive gene, which causes a white tint to appear on the dog’s entire body.

On the other hand,

Other Siberian dogs are the Isabella husky with a hint of yellow-beige, the Azurian husky with blue-gray fur, the black and white husky, and the agouti husky. (Azurian Husky)

5. Adorably Cute White Husky Puppy

Azurian Husky
Image Sources pinterest

Now, you must be thinking, unless the original color of these husky dogs is white.

What would be the feather color of the offspring they created?


Whether all husky puppies are born white?

When two purebred white huskies with a recessive gene come together, they will most likely produce pure white husky puppies.

However, this is not always the case.

Some may create a puppy with patches of gray or cream that mark their growth as an Isabella husky or Cream white husky.

To sum it up, these adorable puppies are fluffy, affectionate and PERFECT!

Do these qualities make you think about another sweet pie doggo? Yes, we are talking about everyone’s favorite pet, a little chihuahua. (Azurian Husky)

When Do Huskies Get Their Full Coats? When Do Dogs Mature?

While puppy husky puppies require 6-12 months to have their ‘adult coat’, they mature at 1-7 years of age.

6. White Huskies As Family Dogs

Azurian Husky

Siberians love to be around people as they are herding dogs which means they tend to think of their family members as their own family.

Huskies are always full of energy and will look for things like a big ball to satisfy their playful nature.

. They also get along well with children and other pets.

These features make them perfect for a dog-loving family!

Pro-Tip: Install a pet travel window mesh in your vehicle and take your beautiful and gorgeous white dog on a road trip.

Now you can spend beautiful and unforgettable quality time with your pet without having to worry about it sticking its head out of the car. (Azurian Husky)

They’re Great Nannies

The Western Chukotka or Chukchi people are known to use these loyal dogs to care for their children. Yes, they love children!

7. Care of White Huskies: Are They Easy-Keepers?

Azurian Husky
Image Sources pinterest

You might think these cute puppies are a high-maintenance breed as they are mighty wolf-like giants like the Blue Bay sheepdogs, but they also have an instinct to explore everything around them.

Not to mention the shedding of their coats.

But they are really easy watchdogs. Here is why:


These outer leaves are thick and double-layered: topcoat (water-repellent) and undercoat (warm).

And yes, they shed a lot.

However, once a week brushing is sufficient to maintain your stunning dog’s beauty. It helps to remove the shed hairs from the lining.

Remember to brush daily during shedding season and never try to shave or trim their fur.

Tip: Get an effective pet hair remover or depilatory roller so you don’t see dog hair all over the house during shedding season.

Blowing Jacket: Shedding Seasons
They molt twice a year: spring and autumn. It may seem like all of its undercoat is shedding, but the topcoat is to make room for new growth.


Also, your white husky’s thick white coat does not require regular bathing (to preserve their natural hair oils).

But if you see a stain on their beautiful fur, give them a deep clean using a pet washer and a mild dog shampoo.

Hint: Don’t forget the ears! Clean it once a week to avoid any infection or disease.

Dental Care

These Siberian dogs are blessed with wonderful white teeth, but you should brush them twice a week to maintain their shine and dental health.

Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain the hygiene of their teeth as they are always active and energetic, so get this toothbrush toy to help them play and clean at the same time.

Now that everything is groomed and cleaned, let’s learn the top eating tips for your perfect dog’s perfect health.


These giant dogs may seem to demand a high nutritional diet, but that is not the case. Two to three cups of dry dog food is the ideal diet for these huskies.

You can also give them dry food, meat, broccoli, fish, carrots, eggs, bones, blueberries or raw food.

Whatever food you choose, do not overfeed your dog.

More is not always good!

These huskies tend to be obese if their diet includes extra carbohydrates or high amounts of food. It is recommended not to give them one large meal, but to divide the food into two small portions.

Tip: Never feed them just before a workout. Leave a two-hour gap between food and exercise.

8. Training of White Husky Dogs

Azurian Husky

As we mentioned earlier, the pure white husky is an easy caregiver; It is not difficult to train them. But there are some basic tips you should follow.

Or you could have a stubborn, headstrong, and difficult-to-handle husky.

BDaily Exercise
e consistent

Siberians are intelligent and have independent ways of thinking.

They are also not accustomed to traditional obedience training or basic dog commands such as “stay”, “down”, “sit”, “come”, “no” or “heel”.

They can sometimes really test their owner’s patience during training, but the key is to stay consistent.

Do not scream

Because they tend to run around, it can be quite difficult to control them if they’re off leash.

If you yell as a way of dealing with huskies, it will only end your dog completely trusting you. Of course, you don’t want that.

The ideal method is to be patient and ignore their bad behavior. Only react when they stop.

Instead, bathe them with all your love and encourage their right moves!

Daily Exercise

They are used for long distance running as they were bred as sled dogs. You could say running as their all-time favorite thing, which explains their love of exercise.

Check out these adorable Siberian husky face masks and go for a stylish walk with your favorite pet!

Pro-Tip: Don’t sacrifice their cleanliness for their love of running and use a pet paw cleaner to get rid of all the dirt and debris clinging to their feet from all the workouts.

Keep the Sessions Short

Yes, they are energetic and love to play, but long sessions will only make them lose interest.

Engage them throughout training to see their best behavior. The ideal time for daily exercise is 90 minutes.

You can divide the sessions into two according to your schedule.

Tip: If you don’t want to lose your white husky, never leave them alone outside. Also, be sure to install a high fence in your garden or lawn to prevent them from jumping out.

9. Common Health Issues

The white husky ranges from $500 to $1000 and can live up to 12 to 15 years.

They are considered a healthy dog, but a few diseases or conditions are more likely to affect them.

Eye problems such as Epilepsy, Hip Dysplasia or hip dislocation (only 5% have this gene), Deafness, Corneal dystrophy, juvenile cataract, progressive retinal atrophy,


Skin infections such as Pemphigus foliaceus are common problems with Siberian husky.

Pro tip: It is recommended to pre-check the outer shell before purchasing to detect any infection or disease.

Bottom Line

White husky, Isabella husky or an Azurian husky are Siberian dogs that can leave you speechless with their endlessly stunning beauty.

They are smart, loyal, playful, affectionate and cute!

And the most important thing,

They get along very well with children and other pets in the household, making them the perfect addition to any dog-loving family.

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Finally, leave a comment

“What do you like most about the gorgeous white husky?”

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